Industry advice in support of transactions

Transaction Advice and Implementation Support

Nyras is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Merger and Acquisitions advice extends from the creation of investment propositions, through sourcing of interested parties and providing industry advice, to support during transactions, conducting industry due diligence  and comprehensive post transaction support.

Through an active network of aviation industry professionals, we are able to identify transaction opportunities early. With industry knowledge and market intelligence, we are able to shape propositions.  Frequently, we can facilitate the meeting of interested parties, while acting on behalf of one of them, to prepare the ground for a potential transaction.

Nyras M&A services include: advising transaction strategy; structuring the business proposition underpinning the transaction; defining the transaction rationale  and developing the supporting business case;  advising on business and regulatory issues; undertaking due diligence appraisal; advising on required business restructure and potential implementation issues; proposing negotiation strategy and tactics; and providing post- transaction support.  We have delivered transaction advice to a number of airlines which remain confidential; and also to airport operators, such as AviAlliance (Hochtief AirPort) in its bid for London Gatwick Airport.


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