Strategic Option Development

Corporate, business and market strategy review, critique and formulation.

Nyras has assisted in the development of strategic options for future business on behalf of a number of aviation clients. Activity has ranged from independent review and critique to active research, analysis and strategic planning.

While taking holistic views of each situation, we consider and analyse those crucial aspects uniquely relevant to specific clients. Not only do we examine both external and internal factors, but also apply the Nyras network’s collective insight into wider industry and competitive issues, such as regulatory constraint and opportunity, competitor response and alliance/partnership relationship.

The objective is to ensure that intelligent options are developed based on up-to-date understanding of the business environment. In most instances (e.g. assisting GB Airways in critical assessment of options prior to acquisition by easyJet), we develop comprehensive business cases to support the preferred options; address valuation issues; propose and develop underpinning structural solutions; assess potential impact on the business and its owners/shareholders; and facilitate clients’ assessment and decision making processes.

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