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Slot Valuation & Transaction

Expert slot valuation, disposal and acquisition services.
Evaluation of slot portfolio effectiveness for airlines.

Standard-setting expertise in the specialist process of slot valuation, transaction and deployment. Nyras is noted for setting industry standards in the valuation, disposal and acquisition of airport take-off and landing slots. Formed as a specialist unit in 2007, the Slot Practice has valued and transacted significant numbers of slot pairs on behalf of many carriers, especially at the highly competitive London hub airports. Importantly, Nyras is the only industry adviser authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority to conduct transactions on behalf of clients.

Extensive experience has allowed Nyras to build considerable knowledge and expertise around the valuation of slots at major airports; and we draw on this in creating cost-effective solutions to meet client requirements. The Nyras approach to valuation is not based on narrow accounting or academic perspectives, but on the reality of the market place. Nyras maintains a constant monitor of slot transactions and prevailing state of the overall slot market.

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