Business Improvement and Revenue Enhancement

Business Improvement and Revenue Enhancement

Revenue management, sales, marketing, fleet/network development and ground/flight operations.

Clients frequently require us to be very specific in advice to improve business performance. Given the comprehensive, hands on experience and expertise of our people in managing aviation businesses (airlines, airports, aviation services such as MRO, Ground Handling, Catering, ATC) we can add value to a wide spectrum of activity.

We adopt a structured and meticulous approach to diagnostics, solution development and implementation planning. Assignments would begin, typically, with a high level review of the existing situation to uncover potential issues and identify opportunities. Effective, sustainable improvements are sought in all areas: sales, distribution, marketing and customer relationship management; pricing and inventory management; resource and asset management; fleet and network development; information technology; production and operations; and supply and procurement. Key objectives are to maximise revenue, increase productivity and reduce unit costs while strengthening and enhancing the brand.

As an example, Nyras carried out a comprehensive business review for Qantas which identified revenue enhancement and cost saving measures as well as reductions in project costs through better prioritisation and management practice.


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