IBM change advisory:

Change advisor to IBM Global Technology Services, in an oversight role providing a ‘sounding board’ to the CEO and SVP Strategy on the restructuring and implementation of a global change programme.

GB Airways option implementation:

Following development of the strategic options, we were asked to develop the Joint Venture solution along the lines of a new business model and establish a Gatwick-based business proposition for presentation to the potential partner’s senior management. We developed a fully-worked solution covering aspects including strategic vision, partner/supplier discussions, network and fleet planning, product design and development, commercial and operational processes and systems, programme management and assistance in implementation.

British Airways T5 change programme review:

A high level review and critique of the T5 transition programme from a change management and implementation perspective, as BA prepared to launch the programme to improve processes and systems while undertaking the infrastructure move.

SAS divisional turnaround advice:

Commissioned by the chairman of a key business unit within SAS to evaluate the turnaround actions being put in place, to provide an assessment of their effectiveness and to suggest improvements.

European airline:

Nyras has seconded a senior executive to this European carrier to lead the turnaround and restructure the airline into the future.